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Jungle Era : Phase 1 Panda The Predator

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Deep within the Jungles on planet ERC-721 there are 9,999 Pandas and they are thirsty for power. The pandas must fight amongst each other to be the most powerful and dominant panda. They explore the Jungle day and night watching their back and killing any other panda that crosses their path. The pandas come in a variety of families, some rare and some not. Each family is confident, fearless and ambitious but some are more skilled than the rest. The most rare breed has mastered stealth and are smarter than the rest. Each Panda is unique and comes with their own clothes, shoes, features and accessories which give them their own power. The Pandas have one motto, kill or be killed. Welcome to Phase 1: The Panda

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