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International aliens

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

11 Aliens on Earth for the holiday of a lifetime and they are beyond excitedAs they landed, they were split and are scattered across all four corners of the globe!And like all good tourists, they are sure to buy some signature country merchandise!During their travels, our Aliens may pick up certain characteristics from what they’ve seen on their time here on Earth, ranging from; engaging in capturing the sites to show friends back home , the occasional bad habit , or even a rebellious phase and if you’re lucky; maybe some magical powers …International Alien FAQQ: What is the total supply?A: Total supply: 500Presale supply: 100Public sale supply: 390 Solderland Bunnies.10 Aliens will be used marketing purposes and giveaways.Q: How many NFT’s can be minted for 1 transaction?A: 1 NFT can be minted per transaction.Q: How much SOL is needed to mint one International Alien?A: 1 SOLQ: Which marketplaces will International Aliens will be listed on?A: We intend on listing on Solanart and Magic EdenDo not buy via DM or elsewhere!Q: Will there be a ranking system?A: We have a ranking chart and are looking to use raritymon or solrarity for the rarity systemQ: What is the royalty fee and where is it to be used?A: Royalty is 10% and is pumped back into the future of this project (next gen, giveaways, marketing etc.)

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