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Infinity Lynx Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Infinity Lynx Club is the Luxurious World Traveler’s Club -Powered by Blockchain to deliver the most Exclusive Travel Experience to our Members.Our Launch is March 23, 2022! Join our Discord to Learn how to get Involved and Secure your Whitelist Spot. Airdrop Rewards including Lynx Xash, Pre-Paid Trips and other surprises will be made available to the earliest members.ILC is a collection of 3663 Time Traveling Lynx.There are 3 Membership Tiers: Extinct (1/11), Threatened (1/222), and Endangered (1/3333).Each Membership NFT will be allocated a number of Lynx Xash in proportion to the membership level to allow ILC Members to enjoy booking flights and adventures as soon as possible after launch. Learn more about how Lynx Xash works on our website.ILC is building a Network of Global Travel Destinations where Members can use Cryptocurrency to pay for their Travel Experiences. We are putting Utility to the NFT space to give the Earliest Adapters of Crypto an avenue to use their holdings to experience the World!Features currently in Development:· App – A Digital interface for Members to communicate, book flights, vacations, and news about upcoming exclusive events· Digital ILC Club House – A metaverse Club House with multiple rooms where members can gather, plan trips, show off NFT Trophies, and interact with developers and travel representatives· Lynx Xash – ERC-20 token which will be currency usable on all Services provided by ILC· Aircraft Acquisition – Our Team is searching the Globe for the perfect BBJ aircrafts to convert into Exclusive Floorplans built for our Members Travel Needs· Destination Partners – The ILC Team is currently negotiating terms with numerous partners across the world who offer Premier Accomodations at Extraordinary Destinations to provide the best Travel Experience possible for ILC MembersInfinity Lynx Club is building a Private Fleet of Aircraft to carry our members all across the Globe to the most Luxurious Destinations, Accommodations and Exclusive Events. These are not your normal private jets. ILC will be using BBJ aircraft which can accomodate up to 19 passengers at a time, with plenty of room to move about the cabin, enjoy world class drinks from our bar, watch a movie from the couch or interact with other Members in a country club environment while you travel to your location!The Floor Prices are High! We are more than just an art collection or metaverse chat room. We are offering our members the abiltity to travel in style and comfort to all corners of the world on Private Charters.Just because our Floor Price is hight doesnt mean we arent giving away Membership NFTs to those who get involved early! Here is your chance to join now and help shape the most Luxurious NFT Club to date!Come join ILC and be part of the revolution of Utility in the NFT and blockchain realm as we build the most Elite Travel Club in the world!

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