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IMX Beasts

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Others

Project Overview

We are happy to announce that the PUBLIC SALE of IMX Beasts will start on Jan-01, 20:00 PM UTC. IMX Beasts is a Launchpad for beastverse – a Metaverse Game on Immutable X, layer 2 solution on Ethereum. There are many prizes in GIVEAWAY and Air-drops. Main milestones of the beastverse game:- Two Character NFT tokens- Beasts and Incinerators- Two type of Arms NFT tokens – Spells for Beasts and Weapons for Incinerators- On-chain Ethereum token- Two In-game tokens- Daily Quests and Play-to-earn- Breeding Mechanics- PvP Arena- In-game MarketplaceSee you in the beastverse, Beastmaster !

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