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Ibiza Lizards

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A Private Collection of 999 Ibiza Lizards living in PolygonMade by 10 years old (5% Sales will go to Charity) We are big community!https://linktr.ee/Ibiza_LizardsProject for investors profitEach Tier will have different prices to make sure investor’s Profit & Floor. Prices: 1 – 230 = 0.005 |Prices: 231 – 460 = 0.008 | Prices: 461 – 690 = 0.01 | Prices: 691 – 920 = 0.05 | 921 – 999: Marketing.ROADMAP11/12/2021: Start creating NFT models12/07/2021: Looking for a Charity to destiny % sales01/01/2022: Set up social medias and WP-OWNERS Benefits01/14/2022: Finish creating 999 NFT models01/18/2022: Create collection Landing page on Opensea01/24/2022: Start Marketing and giveaways social media, Discord02/24/2022: NFT Ibiza Lizards Start Minting on OpenseaThe Happy Ibiza Lizards Season is SOLD OUT and 5% has been send to charitySTART SEASON 2 Hodlers will have 1 FREE NFTAfter minting, you will be able to interact with your awesome digital Ibiza Lizards into Opensea, and other marketplaces.To guarantee the true exclusiveness of each NFT, we have used an algorithm to assign a unique hash value to each image and we have also compared each other to ensure their originality. In addition, we have given a different percentage of rarity to all the elements that make up each NFT, so that users can get ownership both of unique pieces and collectibles rarer than others.In addition, each piece will work as a membership card which will make you part of the Ibiza Lizards family for upcoming events such as airdrops, IBZ farming, discounts, and promotions across Ibizas local businesses, etc.

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