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HyperTodd Genesis NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

HyperTodd Genesis is a highly randomized NFT art collection of 15,005 unique HyperTodds created with multiple features which account for trillions of combinations. Within this collection exists 7 super-unique hand-drawn HyperTodds specially designed for those digital art enthusiasts of the NFT world. Based on give to communityPhysical Collectible CardsGiveaway of $50,000 for the YoungpreneursFund of $100,000 for new projectsAbout the projectHyperTodd is an NFT project focused on building a community base which consists of NFT whales and NFT beginners. Our idea is to connect the dots between people who have a concept to develop and people who possess financial power. In the long run, we shall be supporting our community members towards developing their own projects by guiding and funding them.

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