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HydraCo NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

What are Hydraco NFTsA collection of 2500 Hydraco 3d egg nfts, soon to be hatched into various life forms, on the ethereum blockchain. What happens after hatchHydraco nfts will be minted as 3d eggs, then 2 weeks after public sale will hatch into 3d mythical creatures. They will grow and visually change forms up to lvl 100. The creatures can also be interacted with, by merging them or making combinations which will unlock new creatures and increase their value. When Hydraverse, our metaverse is launched, Hydraco nfts can be imported into it and used as avatars or spirit companions, as well as give their holders other benefits that will be announced at the right time! So basically, hydraco nfts are ultimately vip passports to the hydraverse. Plans for hydraverseHydraverse, will start selling lands to trade and explore. Soon after will be a vr headset based metaverse. At the final stage it will be a metaverse that doesn’t require a headset and allows users to experience a new limitless reality!The currency of hydraverseOur token ‘hover’, already featured and listed on coinmarketcap and bscscan, will be the only currency used within the hydraverse ecosystem. It will be launched in january 2022. Where we’re headedHydraco lab’s mission is to create a new reality in which anything and everything is possible, however within legal boundaries. To enable the disabled, to overpower the powerless, and to take humanity beyond the limits. The hydraco nft collection, just like hydraverse and hover, is founded and developed by hydraco labs. FairlaunchHydraco nfts will be fair launched. Meaning there will be no whitelisting for neither the presale, nor the public sale. Mint/salePre-saleStart date: to be announced on dec 21Amount: 200 nfts to be mintedDiscounted price: 0. 1 ethLimit: 2 nfts per walletPublic saleStart date: to be announced on dec 21Amount: 2300 nfts to be minteFull price: 0. 15 ethLimit: 2 nfts per wallet

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