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Humans Infecting Ourselves by Sergi Tugas

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On July 2nd, visual artist Sergi Tugas drops the ‘Humans Infecting Ourselves’ NFT Collection on Crypto. com. Sergi is the creator of surrealistic and concept artworks but also doesn’t limit himself just to these directions. The artist strives for capturing raw emotions and true feelings through his art. ‘Humans Infecting Ourselves’ centers around the current global pandemic situation. The main piece within the drop presents the manipulation exercised by the society that controls the rest of the people. “Something happens behind there. This is a series of social injustices waiting to find new homes!” – tells Sergio about the drop. If this topic resonates with you, add the drop by Sergi Tugas to your calendars not to miss it!

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