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Human Unity Crypto Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The exclusive collection of 10101 unique artworks that brings us back to our origins and answers the question of who we are.People regardless of skin color and race must unite to make life on our planet better for us and for the next generations. HUMANBOTS came out to fight for justice and equality.How are HUMANBOTS?Its the incarnation of the modern society problem and the demonstration of our inappropriate nature. The main problem of humanity is racism and inequality. Due to these problems the others cannot be solved. Looking at this NFT we can see a mixture of human and robot. At the moment when a person is bullying other because of skin color or race – at that time a person has no soul, he is simply not a person, but a machine. This Art shows us that if humanity does not come to its senses, it will turn into soulless robots.CollectionHUMANBOTS have a mixture of attributes from different cultures. What is the point of this, you might wonder. According to research, people have quite a diverse heritage, which they do not even suspect. Therefore, the combination of incongruous attributes in one art reminds us that we are all the same and should respect each other.We are going to launch three socially oriented projects that will eventually form a whole ecosystem that will unite people with the same outlook on life. This project is just the beginning of our huge community. Owning even one will allow you not only to be a member of our community and get the opportunity to participate in grandiose giveaways, but also to choose a charity fund that will receive an impressive amount of money from our community for its activities.

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