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HT Robots

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

HT bots are humanoids who took over the world and finance in the year 2101. Only 1001 lucky people will be able to defeat them and take control of them.In this nft project, you are the winner. A large part of the income is donated directly to the community as well as to a French charity.A collection of 1001 robots that you can soon own with many approaches from the HT staff to increase their values.To reward you for holding these robots between your wallets so as not to lose control of them, you are the winners of this project.- $64,000 distributed in several giveways- A Rolex date just- Robots to win (nft)- Trading formationsA portion of the revenue generated will be donated to charity.To support the animal cause in the chaos that robots have produced, 70% (after giveaways) of the total income from this project will be donated to the largest French animal charity, the SPA. This donation will allow sick animals, orphans to live in much better conditions.By participating in our projects you also guarantee privileged access for the future of the HT projet which develops a little more every day.The HT staff.

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