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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

HexaWorld is a virtual world of high-utility NFT Micronations created as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every Micronation has its own emblem and geoposition.HexaWorld is represented by a hexagonal grid and is comprised of only 3,468 Micronations, making each NFT extremely rare. This will pave the way for creating the most exclusive virtual world in the metaverse. Moreover, the project offers a vast mid-term potential as its utility will exponentially grow with every milestone achieved.The roadmap will be updated according to the community’s vision.10% MICRONATIONS MINTINGA total of 3,468 ultra-exclusive hexagonal Micronations will be minted. Each micronation will have its own emblem and geolocation.20% FOR A GOOD CAUSEWith the mission to create a fairer and freer world, $50,000 will be donated to a real-world charity focused on political refugees.30% HEXAWORLDS EMBASSYHexaWorld will have its own embassy in Decentraland. The community will be able to vote on updates in the embassy (DAO).40% GROWING TOGETHERA community wallet will be set up to fund the future development of HexaWorld in accordance with the community’s vision.50% CONTRACT MIGRATIONHexaWorld will be migrated to its own contract. This will set the path for dynamic NFTs and new functionalities like customization, merging and SFTs.60% NATIVE UTILITY TOKENA native utility $TOKEN will be created to power the HexaWorld ecosystem. The token will be a governance token too, allowing in-world voting.70% MERGING MICRONATIONSHolders will be able to merge Micronation in order to generate rare NFTs by holding two or more adjacent Micronations and burning $TOKEN.80% STAKING OF RARE NFTSMerged Micronations (rare NFTs) will be stakable and will yield $TOKEN to their holders. This will be the basis for building a flourishing economy.90% ISSUING OF CITIZENSHIPSHolders of a Micronation will be able to issue Citizenships as ERC1155 Semi-Fungible Token (SFTs) by burning $TOKEN, allowing others to join their Micronation.100% INTO THE METAVERSEA 3D version of HexaWorld will be built, allowing its citizens to create, experience, and monetize content and dapps, stake $TOKEN to earn and customize assets, vote, and many more.

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