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Heritage Collection Genesis

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Heritage Team will help you and your loved ones achieve digital immortality. Data storage solutions for the internet have existed since the turn of the century. But regardless of how much you have invested in data preservation, no company or data center was ever able to provide promises for perpetuity until today. Utilizing the power of blockchain, the Heritage will immortalize you on a personalized NFT.Once cementing your place on the blockchain, the world will interact with and remember you regardless of space and time.Team Heritage is here to help you create an NFT thats truly yours.In the age of rapid digitalization, people are offered an abundance of content that are flashy and colorful. While we encourage everyone to embrace the boundless freedom of creativity, most of us refuse to explore our uniqueness of ourselves but rather blindly follow whats “trending. Every time we do that, we lose a little bit of ourselves.Team Heritage is here to help you reclaim whats already yours! Every one of us is an individual with fantastic stories to tell. Each of us carries so much value and heritage. We want to help you preserve your individuality and identity on the blockchain, so you will always be remembered!Heritage NFT will be a single NFT composed of all the information you want to share. Your appearance, your voice, your precious photos and videos, your accomplishments and your memory bundled together into a single NFT that belongs to you!

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