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Hello Bagels

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Hello Bagels NFT collection consists of 9,332 unique random Bagel NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The characters are made up of hundreds of unique traits that were created by avid New York NFT obsessed bagel eaters. Hello Bagels is a chance to own a rare piece of collectible art that mixes in a love of breakfast with pop-culture references sprinkled in. Our biggest focus with Hello Bagels is community and our goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues that you or your friends may be experiencing. Its time to sit down with a friend, grab a bagel, and just simply ask “how you doin?. By having a Hello Bagel NFT as your avatar, you are acting as an ally to the mental health movement. When someone sees a fellow bagel, you should feel comfortable to reach out to them whenever you are in need. Bagels help bagels and by owning 1 Hello Bagel NFT you will get a lifelong friendship with over 9k other Bagel owners. Join us to be part of our journey and dont forget to grab a bagel

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