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Healthcare Heroes NFT- 50% for donation

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

An NFT project with a soul! A collection of 10,000 healthcare heroes. 50% of generated ethereum will be donated to organizations that support healthcare heroes and the community. About 40 ethereum to be distributed among owners!10%: Say hello! Free giveaways!First 1000 NFTs will be used for promotion and community engagement throuh free giveaways.20%: For the Red.At 2000th NFT sold, 50% will be donated to the American Red Cross.40%: Hope for the best.At 4000th NFT, 50% will be donated to Project Hope.60%: For the solidarity.At 6000th NFT, 50% will be donated to the WHO COVID Solidarity Fund.80%: For the community.At 8000th NFT, 50% will be donated to Lee Health Foundation.100%: Thank you, for you!At the sale of all NFTs in the collection, 25% will be donated to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Another 25% (40 ETH!) will be distributed among rendomly selected 100 wallets of owners of our NFTs.As Phase 1 is completed, confirmation of all donations is posted online for community to view and phase 2 is announced. Phase 2 will be focused on donation to the community from income generated through royalties.

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