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Green Hackers

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Green HackersThe year is 2222, overcrowded cities are dying. The low water supply, the polluted air, and the urban violence are pushing people back to the few remaining wild forests, but the old woods always had their natural inhabitants and protectors. They will fight and use all their resources to stop this exodus in order to avoid losing their territory and have the same fate as the rest of the world. The Green Hackers have the power of the forest, wisdom, and technology on their side and will never surrender!WHY WE EXIST?Green Hackers is a NFT project created to explore new technologies to support old social fights. As crypto adopters and enthusiasts, we believe that Web3 creates a more transparent, fair, and decentralized future. We want to explore NFTs crowdfunding power to create a real impact and improve people’s lives today, right now!GENERATIVE NFT project beyond imagesThe Green Hackers isn’t just a dystopia, it’s about preserving and caring for the forests, their inhabitants, and their cultures.More news coming soonKnow more at https://www.greenhackers.xyz/Follow https://twitter.com/GreenHackers_

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