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Greedy Piggy

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Greedy Piggy CollectionGreedy Piggy#01Size: 132.29X132.29cm, (5000x5000px)Subject: PigStyle: Surrealism, Pop Art, Illustration, Fine Art.Medium: Digital, New MediaCreation: On Procreate – iPad Pro by Apple PencilMy NFTs on OpenSea : https://opensea.io/zeinab_mahaniThere is always one of character in my mind which is A pig. A Pig is an kind of animal who loves to being in mud and dirty places. you usually never see a clean pig, house pet and not a human friendly animal, While all thoughts going in my mind on a pig. A greedy Piggy is like a greedy person who love crypto money & luxurious life. I try to determine some my imaginary with my artistic movement , using my art style various brushed and many more that can create fun and represented ultimate art work.It is given a nice combination of colors and shape and all about this creation is my imagined to make perfect artistic.This is A Digital Art can print on any materials with advance technologies. My Art is not copy idea from anywhere or anyone’s, all art are originally done by me.Original certificate of authenticity for this painting will be given. (Ownership Zeinab Mahani)

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