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Greedy Gramps

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Greedy Gramps are building the bridge from Web3 to the real world by enabling access to previously unseen utilities within NFTs. The Groundwork: NFT-for-Access Our goal is to bring NFTs to the next level. The Launch: Reshaping Pop Culture We are convinced that empowering people to use NFTs in their everyday life is the next evolution step and we want Greedy Gramps to be among the first NFT projects that are building a bridge from the Web3 space to the real world. We are very proud that some of our Greedy Gramps traits are jointly designed in collaboration between our lead designer, internationally known A-list celebrities and leading collaborative artists around the world.At the moment Greedy Gramps is already scheduling its post-mint exhibition tour where Gramps NFTs will be displayed in leading art exhibitions in key cities in the world in 2020, starting with Berlin, Germany, in May 2022.

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