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Great Lakes Hyperloop – Pittsburgh by HyperloopTT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On July 27th, HyperloopTT drops its third NFT within the ‘Great Lakes Hyperloop’ series on SuperRare. It will be a travel poster of Pittsburgh, “the city that will be reborn as a net-zero technology leader, once led from the mines and mills. ”“The home of American steel, Pittsburgh will catalyze a new sustainable industrial revolution” – writes HyperloopTT about the city. This NFT is minted to celebrate the initial phase of the United States’ most advanced hyperloop project, the one-of-one artwork commemorates Pittsburgh’s role in a net-zero transportation transformation. ‘Great Lakes Hyperloop – Pittsburgh NFT piece was created in collaboration with Popular Science cover artist Tavis Coburn. In addition to the artwork, a lucky winner will get an exclusive invitation to visit a closed-to-the-public research facility to see the world’s only full-scale hyperloop test track in Toulouse, France. Two other NFT pieces by HyperloopTT:‘Great Lakes Hyperloop – Chicago’ dropped on July 13th, and ‘Great Lakes Hyperloop – Cleveland’ dropped on July 27th. Do not miss a chance to own a piece of history – Great Lakes Hyperloop – Pittsburgh!

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