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Gorilla Outlaws MC

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A long-awaited project which will be officially launched on the 22-02-’22 at 22:22:22 hours.The Gorilla Outlaws MC are all members of one big & huge hairy family of 9999 individual gorillas.Divided into different chapters, from the “Northern Highlands, “Eastern Lowlands, “Southern Mountainside & “Western Cross Riverside, even a few solo riders who chose to ride through life solitary but are still widely respected and fully accepted by the Gorilla Outlaws MC (Meta Club). They are all represented and spread across the outer corners of the Metaverse!Overcoming fears, exploring their limits, and always pushing to go further in search for unexplored, undisturbed virgin Metaverse land where no primate ever dared to step foot on…What binds this community of Gorilla Outlaws is that they are all free spirit minded and share one common love…Riding the waves of life.We welcome you to the highest in rank!Most bad ass beasts on the block.we present to you…Gorilla OutlawsMC

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