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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

No Elon, you boomer, it’s not another dogecoin. . . it’s a doge NFT! Collect any of the 9,999 unique Good Boi NFTs. No gimmicks, roadmaps, or defi, just cute NFTs of doges. . Buy a doge for . 075 ETH. You’ll receive an SVG file and a Twitter-sized PNG for each Good Boi. Connect metamask and confirm your transaction. Once purchased, your Good Boi NFT is available to view and trade on OpenSea!NO PONZINot a ponzi. Each Good Boi NFT is minted at random, without a starting index, and initially available for . 075 ETH. With an open collection, rarity guide, and equitable distribution Good Bois are good fun for all, not just blockchain snipers. They’re NFTs done the right way.

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