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Gollo Adventures

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Project Overview

Gollo and his friends are part of a collection of 4,200 unique NFTs happily residing on the Ethereum Blockchain.Our VIP members will benefit from a community-driven project with many exclusive gifts, surprises and perks to come.First phaseProject Structuring: The general idea of ‘u200b’u200bthe image and its structure is proposed. (Feb. 2022)Launch of the Web and Social Networks: Advertising campaign to publicize the project on its different platforms. (Mar. 2022)First Pre-sale of the collection: The first round begins, 1000 NFTs go on pre-sale at a price of .004 (ETH), White List and raffle of 10 NFTs for the first 100 listed.(Apr. 2022)Second Pre-sale and reveal: We continue with 2000 NFT at a price of .015 (ETH) and the complete reveal of the collection is made. (Apr 2022)Second stageLaunch of the exclusive merchandise store for holders: We will enable the merchandise store on our website, with special discounts for holders of an incredible Gollo (NFT). (May 2022).Raffle of 10 Unique NFTs from the collection: 10 Unique NFTs will be raffled exclusively for holders. (June 2022).Gollo Animated Short: A series of animated shorts will be revealed that will teach you the story behind Gollo and its community. (Jul 2022).Third phaseCreation of the 3D-molded NFT collection: Gollo and his friends enter the third dimension. (Aug2022).Community in the metaverse: Gollo’s farm in the metaverse is underway with big surprises for everyone. (Sep 2022).First Pre-sale of the 3D collection: 1000 3D modeled NFTs go on pre-sale with many prizes and raffles for the entire community. (Oct 2022).This is not Crypto Punk, this is not bored ape, but this Gollo NFT will blow your mind.

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