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Goldhorn Bull Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Bullford has explored 8500 unique, programatically generated paths from over 170 hand-drawn traits, including horns, hats, outfits, jewellery, tattoos and more. All traits are awesome, however some are rarer than others. Bullford roams in the ERC-721 fields of Ethereum Blockchain.Each nft costs 0.06 ETH. All data is stored on IPFS. We are also using a streamlined smart contract that should reduce gas fees.It all started when Bullford Hornton Jr. fell horn over hoof in love with his Farmschool sweetheart, Linda. After 3 amazing yet uneventful years, Bullford wanted nothing more than to give Linda the life she truly deserved… and a Lambo. However, after he yolo’d his entire savings into PugCoin and got rekt, Linda left him. He is now trying every profession and lifestyle to make up for his loses and win Linda back.Join us on our journey and help Bullford reunite with his soulmate!

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