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Go Droid Up!

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Go Droid Up! is a limited collection of 3,333 Droids looking for Masters. The Droids will be launched and reactivated in three installments.The first installment is a collection of 1,111 Japanese Droids or J-Droids that survived the first Sino-Japanese Droid War.These Droids spent a decade on the battlefield taking down the toughest enemies only to return to abandoned territories. Their masters have deserted their homeland at the height of the war.Left masterless, they were decommissioned, deactivated, and left to spend the rest of their days locked in boxes. Until today.This is your chance to become a Droid Master! Every J-Droid is bound by code and coin to serve as your loyal protector and aid you in your future adventures in the Metaverse.All J-Droids are original and are divided into three distinct classes: Ninja Droid, Samurai Droid, and Ronin Droid. Each J-Droid NFT is a unique combination of 10 trait categories with a total of over 200 traits. No two J-Droids are the same and each one has a war story to tell.All Droid Masters will get ultra-detailed, Metaverse-ready 3D models of their Droids, lifetime access to exclusive events both virtual and IRL, and exclusive access to ETH giveaways, collection discounts, and NFT airdrops.The Metaverse is going to be wild! Be a Droid Master today and Go Droid Up!Visit www.godroidup.com for more details.

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