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Gnarly Goats Island Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Gnarly Goats Island Club consists of 10,000 Gnarly Goat NFTs. Each Gnarly Goat is an exclusive digital collectible and your own avatar. The metaverse is coming, and your avatar is your personal brand. Each Gnarly Goat minted will be randomly generated from handcrafted traits and accessories. Only the gnarliest live on the Ethereum blockchain, thats where our Goats live. When you own a Gnarly Goat, you also own a membership giving you entry to the Gnarly Goats Islands and other membership-only benefits, like rewards (We hope you like rewards). Rewards can be used within the Gnarly Goats community for merch, giveaways, and of course, bragging rights (just kidding about the last one, we all know a Goat can only be measured by the size of their _____). Yes, island. As a Gnarly Goat holder, you will have exclusive rights to buy an island in the Goat Islands (proof of island) as part of the v2 roadmap. v2 roadmap details coming after launch

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