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Giant Puppy by Joel Rea

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Multi-award-winning artist who creates surreal and allegorical paintings Joel Rea comes to MakersPlace with an NFT Drop. On June 24th, he drops the ‘Giant Puppy’ NFT Collection. Joel’s style is a blend of hyperrealism, photorealism, and virtuosic Renaissance realism. Most of Joel’s creations are inspired by the mysteries of the animal kingdom and the Universe beyond. The artist explores the human condition in its complexity and investigates the ageless turmoil of human inner consciousness and the desire to survive. He frequently depicts animals (tigers, dogs), nature (sun rays coming through clouds or destructive waves inspired by the turbulent Australian coastline), self-portraits. One of the most recognizable characters of Joel’s art is the enormous dog. The upcoming NFT Collection, titled ‘Giant Puppy’ also features the iconic dogs created by Joel Rea. Surreal allegorical paintings that depict Rea as an innocent puppy in his youth drop within the collection. The visual presentation by Joel is inimitable. “The colossal juvenile intersects obstacles that represent themes of internal conflict and the competitiveness of the natural world” – tells Joel about his NFT Collection. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss when it goes live on MakersPlace!

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