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Ghost Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A unique collection of 90 Ghosts living in polygonPRICESEach Tire will have different prices to make sure the Investor’s Profit1 – 30 =0.0131 – 60 =0.0361 – 90 = 0.05ROAD MAP27/01/2022 – Start creating NFT’s models28/02/2022 – finish the NFT’s models1/03/2022 – start Marketing and giveaways on Discord4/03/2022 – create a collection for the NFT’s10/03/2022 – NFT’s Ghosts Club start minting on opensea?? – the Ghost Club SOLD OUT?? – Start to create Ghost Club #2 (Holders will have 1 NFT free)

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