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Getaway by Nate Hill

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Nate Hill is a digital artist and photographer from Australia. He is quite a versatile artist who had to take a long way around to find his calling. Nate dedicated a long period of time to music (recording, touring, teaching drums), that’s why his artworks are largely influenced by it. He is still passionate about working with bands and artists and often creates visuals to accompany their music. Nate’s pieces of art are very unique. It’s a mix of photography, videography, photo manipulation, digital art, and design. On the 15th of March, he is releasing his “Getaway” series of artworks on Nifty Gateway. Besides the fact that the artworks are so stunning, they have a very deep meaning. “As I was creating this series, it became apparent to me that I was creating something like an alternate reality. A place that you can bend to your will. The rules are different there. Perhaps there is no suffering in this place. It’s a place you can getaway from what troubles you and just be still” – says the artist. Do not miss the drop!

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