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Generative watch designed and manufactured in Switzerland

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

DOM•INO designs and manufactures luxury watches, made in Switzerland. Our cutting-edge generative technology creates single unique watches. DOM•INO uses Blockchain and NFT to distribute watch’s property & authenticity certificates.By joining the waitlist today, you get the guarantee of being able to mint 1 timepiece in complete peace of mind, 24 hours before the public opening and at a reduced price! This list includes 50 seats, not one more. You will also get an exclusive access to the team made of the most acute designers, digital makers and watchmakers in Switzerland.Waitlist’s Giveaway of exclusive making-off Designs on The 1st of May, 2022.Public Sale Opens on the 1st of June, 2022Check our RoadmapPhase 1: Inception (Q1 2022)Inspired by the Bauhaus for modular aesthetics, the square is one of the three geometric forms that belong to this movement started in the 20’s : simplicity and efficiency, linearity and geometry, with intelligent use of resources.Phase 2: Product Reveal (Q2 2022)Based on a unique watch design, created by swiss renown designer Pierre-André Finazzi, the first DOM•INO watch is publicly revealed. Join the community and gets an exclusive access to the team, private demo of first specimens and other exclusive insights of the DOM•INO adventure.Phase 3: Sales opening (Q3 2022)In a limited collection of unique timepieces, you will be able to mint your NFT to get an access to one of the most selective production of Swiss-Made watches. The first token will be have a single unique feature and will be available through a private auction.Phase 4: New territories (Q4 2022)While one prefers to own physical goods, others already live in a Metaverse. DOM•INO makes no difference. As NFT holder, you will get a 3D copy to wear your watch in the Metaverse. In another world, talented watchmakers are creating your unique timepiece.

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