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Gecko Kids collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: AVAX

Project Overview

Gecko Kids is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living in the Avalanche blockchain. The collection has more than 200 traits. Gecko Kids aim at making financial freedom more accessible by creating a community-governed ethical whale. Financial freedom and generating wealth are indeed the primary goals of every investor. However, the high-quality projects are too expensive to get into and at times its hard to tell apart a good project from another rug pull. Therefore, our focus will solely be on the most solid investments with a proven track record of generating value for holders. We have shortlisted several node projects, including $STRONG, $THOR, $COMB, $VPND and $POWER. The community will have the final say on which nodes are to be bought. We clearly understand that Gecko Kids will hold a large position in these projects and hence become a community-governed ethical whale. A whale that never sells, but only distributes the nodes to its NFT holders. Join the ethical whale!ROADMAPStage 1Gecko Kids minting is liveOur unique hand-drawn & computer generated 3D Gecko Kids will be openfor minting soon. Follow our social media (Twitter, Discord, Telegram,Instagram) to stay up-to-date.Stage 2Proceeds are invested in nodesThe main aim of our project is to help the members of our communityto reach financial freedom. Hence the proceeds from minting willbe used to create nodes and generate multiple streams of incomefor future raffles.Stage 3Weekly lotteryWe will compound and raffle off our weekly profits.The more Gecko Kids you have, the higher your chances are to win!

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