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Gangsta Kong

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Created by KONG 1840 an official Rumble Kong League affiliateEver Since KONG 1840 made it big in the Rumble Kong League, all his homies back in the hood been inspired to make it out and be the next big thing. A collection of 10,000 Gangsta themed Kong NFT’s divided into 2 main groups with over 200 unique traits. A derivative/expansion of the Rumble Kong League ecosystem, shooters off the court.Gangsta Kong is a project dedicated to developing a RTS mobile and PC/platform game. This project is also the first to feature its NFT’s in a series of frame by frame animations giving each holder a random opportunity to have their Kong featured in a cameo. Being a holder will give you access to utilites that include: unique in game characters with unique stats, voting, special airdrops, exclusive gifts and more. Join our hood today!Kongs will reveal on 3/1/22!

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