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Gallery of Sports Collections

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A private Gallery of Sports Collections living in PolygonMade from my travel photographyThe intention is to be able to generate a gallery of authentic sports photos, where with the sales of copies of said photos you can buy a plot in the metaverse and place a sports gallery that anyone in the metaverse could visit. The future benefit is that the copies obtained in this sale can be resold in said gallery within the metaverse.https://twitter.com/crmm15https://discord.gg/jxfYht6FProject for investors profitEach Tier have different prices to make sure investor’s profit and floor.1. Prices: 1 – 50: 0.0072. Prices: 51 – 100: 0.0093. Prices: 101 – 250: 0.014. Prices: 251 – 400: 0.0155. Prices: 401 – 600: 0.0176. Prices: 601 – 800: 0.0197. Prices: 801 – 999: 0.02Roadmap16/02/2022 Start creating sports NFTs18/02/2022 Initially create 7 sports NFTs21/02/2022 Set up social medias and benefits22/02/2022 create collection landing page on opensea24/02/2022 start marketing at social media???? create a new NFT for each NFT copy that meets any of the price cycles of the first 7 NFTs???? ending the 7 price cycles of the first 7 NFT, will start the search for plots in the metaverse???? The creation and commercialization of NFTs generated in the cycle closures of the first 7 NFTs continues to expand what will be the Gallery of Sports in the metaverseThis is not a crypto punk or a bored ape, but this is the place where you will connect with unique moments and images of sports

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