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Fusion Doge #Movember2021

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Fusion Doge will be giving a 25% donation of all NFT sales in November to Prostate Cancer Research for #Movember2021. The next evolutionIntroducing Fusion Doge — the next re-imaginations of the classic doge silhouettes in an art style inspired by Fidenzas. Individually drawn using the power of neural networks. Own a piece of the series applying deep learning to create a style-fusion inspired by two landmark NFT projects. Only 2,100 Fusion Doges are in this drop. Neural network tech. Created using deep learning. Each Fusion Doge is individually generated using a convolutional neural network-based algorithm pioneered by Gatys et al. The ‘Fidonza style, including colors, textures, and strokes, is used as inspiration by a modified VGG-19 algorithm optimized & retrained for NFT artistry. Rare and valuable. Rarity & value is in ‘the eye of the holder. Each NFT in the Fusion Doge collection are rare (each between 0. 43% – 0. 51% rarity). Because of our awesome Fusion Doge Pack community we are confident that all of the Fusion Doges in this collection will increase in value and continue to be highly sought after by NFT collectors around the world. Choose the Fusion Doge that you like and hold it for its beauty and rarity that connects with you and your personality. News to howl about! Fusion Doge is on OpenseaChoose yours & become a part of the pack. We have decided that because each one of the NFTs in the Fusion Doge collection is rare (each between 0. 43% – 0. 51% rarity), we are launching all Fusion Doges in this collection right away on Opensea market with an ‘open drop which means all NFTs are visible and you can choose which ones you want at an initial floor price of only 0. 07 ETH. With our ‘open drop you see what you’re getting before you mint, plus on Opensea you can mint with ETH, WETH (wrapped Polygon ETH), USDC, DAI, and even by credit card. Instead of doing what many projects do and launching their NFT collection with a ‘blind drop, where no one knows which NFT they are going to get until only after they have paid for minting. We believe in transparency and fairness.

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