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Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Hello!Fungize are full of colour & personality! They live in undiscovered areas of the wild and long to be Minted Mushrooms!We are a small team and started sharing artwork at the start of the year.We have an organic roadmap that is community focussed and set out to drive progressive growth. We will release our NFTs gradually in increasing batch sizes.We are a community focussed project. Active and engaged members will be rewarded.We pledge to be climate positive and will calculate and offset our carbon footprint as well as explore additional charitable avenues as we grow. Just one way of doing this is that for every NFT, well plant a Tree.We focus a lot of our work into our product and pride ourself on the quality of our art to give our members the best value possible and chance for re-sale.Our attributes are hand drawn and animated by our artist who has 10 years + experience in Game Design & Animation.Long term we want to bring Fungize to the Gaming Metaworld and have plans to weave stories and characters through the Fungize experience creating the potential for spin-offs and other NFT avenues.We look forward to your reply!Thanks

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