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Full Belly

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Full Belly Club is a NFT project created to offer continuous value to its community. Our first collection is a savory 20,000 Ramen NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at a unit price of 0.08 Ethereum. More than just a profile picture, a Ramen NFT will unlock bonus drops – FBC ramen holders will receive a claimable NFT in the next seasons NFT collection (with gas being the only fee)!Full Belly Club was founded by a team with decades of experience in the video game industry. The Ramen NFT collection is just the first step in a short and long-term vision that encompasses further NFT drops, IP development around the Full Belly Club universe across various platforms, educational content creation through podcasting and video, and long-term projects through Full Belly Club’s parent company, Off Center Studios, such as mobile and console games.Looking at the industry, we see a lot of potential for refining processes around production, technology, art, and transparency. We love blockchain technology and NFTs, and want to be a part of moving the conversation forward for years to come. To do so, we need to bring together the brightest minds and find a way to make this information accessible, and this begins with the Full Belly Club community!Off Center Studios and the Full Belly Club are about friendship, inclusivity, creativity, fun, and innovation. If this resonates with you, we want to hear from you! One of our focuses in 2022 will be to grow our team and wed love nothing more than to do so with talented people who love our community!10% of minting sales and 25% of royalties from the Ramen NFT collection will be sent to the Full Belly Club community wallet with the purpose of building value for FBC members. The purpose of the wallet is to give members a voice in defining the future of the collection and the community by influencing how funds are spent.FBC is not a pre-generated NFT collection – each NFT is generated at the time of minting with a fair and verifiable randomization process. That means everyone has the same chance of getting the rarest of attributes in their Ramen NFT, no matter what has been minted beforehand. Since the NFTs are only created at the time of minting, that also means there wont be any left over to burn if the full collection doesnt sell out by the end of the sales window.

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