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Fried Fox NFT Drop

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Fried Foxes are a collection of friendly, chubby foxes relaxing and getting stoned to puff puff pass the time.Fried Foxes is a collection of 7455 stoner foxes that are released periodically through mints of 100. We have a discord that is open to the public, however, exclusive channels and rewards are offered in the discord to Fried Fox holders.There is also a special discord role assigned to best friends or people who hold Fried Foxes for longer than 3 months. These rad people will be given access to another private discord server set up as an NFT card game. They will also be gifted an NFT from the respective TrippyCannimalz collection!Giveaway details:First 50 people to purchase a Fried Fox will be appointed as the best friend role after joining discord and gifted a Trippy Cannimalz NFT to play the card game in the private server!Minting website and private access website under development.

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