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French fries

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A private collection of 500 NFT of potato chips done during 2 months of work.We are a great community! Project for investors benefits.Each level will have different prices to guarantee the profit and the investor’s floor.Prices: 1-50 = 0.005Prices: 51-100 = 0.008Prices: 101-150 = 0.01Prices: 151-300 = 0.05301-500: Marketing.Roadmap:10/01/2022: Start creating NFT models.03/21/2022: Looking for charity for destination % sales.03/20/2022: WP-owners social media settings and benefits.03/28/2022: The creation of 500 NFT models ends.05/20/2022: start of a new exclusive collection of NFT potato chips.05/10/2022: Start marketing and giveaways social networks, Discord.Happy Cactus Season 1 is SOLD OUT and 10% has been sent to charity.START SEASON 2: holders will get 1 free NFT.Customers with NFT from the first collection will be participating in a draw for an exclusive NFT minimum value of 2ETH.Draw 05/10/2022

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