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Foolish Hearts

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

our foolish hearts are moving into the blackchain soon! they are different in color and have unique personalities but they want the same thing……..lovepresale will be happening through discord on 3/1/22.join our whitelist there for first access! on discordour roadmap· host a presale limited premier collection 3/1/22 discounted rate (whitelist members only). 100 piece unique nft piece collection .004· give away 4 nfts before 3/1/22 launch · release general collection of 10,000 nfts on 3/3/22 (.005 eth – .1 eth)vip hearts (2 eth) – unlocks a 3d photo crystal keepsake of purchased nft which will be shipped to you within 7-10 business days.after first 100 sold, 4 foolish heart owners will receive one unique exclusive nft. after 200 sold, mystery box giveaway to two foolish heart owners. each owner will have one entry per nft owned. owners of exclusive premier collection and vip heart nfts will have additional entries (premier =3 entries, vip heart =10 entries)foolish heart owners will have a chance to win a mystery box twice per year.long-term – owners will have exclusive access to in-person and virtual punk addicted events.long-term – purchase a punk addicted community property in the metaverse for owners to connect.

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