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Food Doods

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Welcome To The Kitchen!Meet the Food Doods, a group of 76 different hand drawn NFT characters living on the blockchain. Each Food Dood belongs to 1 of 5 of the different food groups, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Meats, and Dairy. From the initial launch there will be 15 of each Food Dood, each one with one of the following rarities. Common, Rare, Epic, and Deluxe, all with different backgrounds! In addition, 10 out of the 76 Food Doods will be Legendary. Unlike the rest of the Food Doods, these characters are unique and will only have 1 variation. For example, the Legendary Blue Raspberry will only have 1 version, while the Courageous Carrot will have 15 total NFTs of varying rarities.It is our goal to make sure this project is priced affordably so almost anyone who wishes to join the Food Doods can! (Launch date, and mint price are TBA, and are subject to change as the project grows)Nobody deserves to go hungry. 30% of funds from the initial mint will be donated to the Action Against Hunger charity to help feed children and families worldwide!Food Doods will eventually be able to be combined using recipes! At a certain point after Food Dood’s launch, all White Listed Holders will be airdopped a Kitchen Pass (Kitchen Passes will also become available for sale sometime after the project launch). The Kitchen Pass allows you to take all your Food Doods to the kitchen and cook up something good! Want to make a pizza? Better stock up on bread, tomatoes, cheese, and any toppings you would like! As more Food Doods are combined into different recipes, the overall supply of Food Doods will decline. No worries though, because when the supply gets too low, Food Doods will be restocked with series 2 variants! Have fun creating the recipes you dream of!

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