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Fomo the game show

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The first play-to-earn game show in the Metaverse.Each PLAYER is a unique and algorithmically generated NFT from over 220 traits. Most Players are humans, but there are a few rare types mixed in.During each episode of the game show, each NFT holder can play against other randomly assigned holders for a potential reward. /cash price / jackpot. It starts with season 1 of the game show, exclusive NFT drops, events, and a lifelong friendship with 9999 other Players.Our goal is to create a community-driven game show for the metaverse, built and owned by the community.During each season, Holders will be rewarded with various Utilities:Stake & Participate in the Game Show.Play-to-earn on weekly episodesAccess to The LobbyA Marketplace to customize your PlayerParticipate in EventsPFPs & many moreThis is a community-driven project.For more information about the game, visit our official website.

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