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Flockers Academy

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The NFT market is getting bigger but also less accessible. For long term sustainability, new entrants are needed but the majority of people still don’t understand!Flockers Academy wants to change that. A lot of projects say they want to build a ‘community’ but don’t even know what they want it to do. Flockers Academy is wildly different. Aimed at new users, there are 2 levels of FA NFTs, each giving access to our portal where they will be able to learn, discuss and question all areas of crypto which experts and like minded people.We want to build a true community where trust and confidence of crypto is built with a wide ranging set of features coming soon.We also want to take a different approach, initially offering a portion of the NFTs outside of crypto as a ‘pre-backer’ airdrop. But most importantly we want it to be accessible to ALL with an extremely attractive entry price.Check out our Twiitter for updates.

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