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First Carolina Dutca and Valentin Sidorenko’s NFT photography on Mintable

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Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Carolina Dutca was born in 1995 in Bender (Moldova, Transnistria). Works with photography, video, installation, and text. Carolina likes to experiment and is open to new practices. Her art projects are connected with the theme of relationships, home, nature, and memory. Also, in collaboration with Valentin Sidorenko, she plays with time. They are reminiscing about fairy tales, growing up, and being naughty. Together they live and work in Bender (Moldova, Transnistria). Valentin Sidorenko was born in 1995 in Gornyak (Russia). Except for photography and animation, Sidorenko works with documentary films using an observation method. Sidorenko basically approaches the theme of time. He is especially inspired by the past: that located at a depth, but that turns out to be multifaceted and ambiguous in the light. They dedicated their second joint work Apă to the Dniester River and White Water Lily – endangered species in Transnistria. They used carpets that look like magic water lilies, which were made by Elena Nikolaevna, a former biology teacher at school. They didn’t want to make a manifesto or propaganda out of a story with a social theme. They wanted to maintain an ironic tone and an intimate relationship with the river. The conceptual side of the matter in this topic was important: carpets are made from old things, that is, it is a pure recycling process. But something else was more important – the connection between the two worlds. In one world, they literally stand on the carpet, unaware that in the other it can be a living, sacred object. Take part in the auction!

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