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FindingHomey Giveaways

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Finding Homey an unique dream house for your Metaverse with a collection size of 10,000. Keep your eyes close for future drops. Everyone can realize #FromDreamToReality with our collection, because we really care about our community. You will get limited asset, sustain project, and Decentralized Autonomous Organization plan. If you want to make your dreams a reality, grab your home virtually now! Visit findinghomey.com for more details. Are you ready go to the moon with us?Our RoadmapFeb 2022 – Colonial – Homey will airdrop 3333 asset, free NFT for early supported April 2022 – Neoclassicism – 10.00 NFT will be minted in this phase, we will also provide special series for random holders, and open an online store June 2022 – Victorian – In this phase we will release community tools, for our community manage assetsSoon – Modernist – This phase we will conduct research relate to pricing management, to ensure that holders can develop their assetSoon – Scandinavian – Build NFT galleries in indonesia to present experiences for your metaverseSoon – SmartHome – Homey investment found will be used for business-related eventBenefit- Give access to holders only: invitations events as an amazing experience web 3 integration and p2e future, manage assets, sustain project, and DAO plan- Copyright for each holders provide an intellectual properties and utilize your Finding Homey for item games, animation, and logos- We unify social integration with the physical and digital roadmapSale Structure:1. VIP Pass (Whitelist begin) | Start 13 February 2022 | Tight your seatbelt because early supported member get access for 15 NFTs giveaway spot, plus many other benefits!2. Pre-Sale | Sale: 20 February 2022- 0,05 ETH for Bronze Category- 0,08 ETH for Silver Category- 0,13 ETH for Gold Category3. Public Pre-Sale | Sale: 23 February 2022- 0,06 ETH for Bronze Category- 0,09 ETH for Silver Category- 0,15 ETH for Gold Category4. Public-Sale (Mint) | Sale: 26 February 2022- 0,07 ETH for Bronze Category- 0,1 ETH for Silver Category- 0,2 ETH for Gold Category

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