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Femme Lords of Outpost 9 Citizen Mint

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

What do you call a project that is Sexy, Futuristic, and Creative? The Femme Lords of Outpost 9! Nope, this isn’t yet another boring, repetitive, unimaginative NFT. You are invited to join a community of forward thinking innovators who have already completed the majority of their roadmap. The Femme Lords of Outpost 9 digital collectibles are an extraordinarily unique set of powerful and futuristic women. With 5000 Citizens that have over 300 traits living on the Solana blockchain, there are no NFTs out there like them.By owning a Citizen, you’ll get a chance to own 1 of 50 super rare, hand drawn (not more than one alike) Femme Lords! Joining our community gives you access to our land on The Sandbox where we will host exclusive events and games. We even created some of our characters as Voxel avatars to use there. You also get voting rights in Star Atlas with our $POLIS stake, $SOL giveaways, $SAND staking, along with events, contests, merch, and competitions. With 42 million $COG tokens created on the Solana blockchain, our project has tons of value and utility. Also, youll gain access to a club of successful entrepreneurs who have a wealth of knowledge. Lastly, the project has committed to donating a portion of each NFT sale to purchase a handmade item from Himalayan craftswomen in Kathmandu, Nepal; as well as saving baby orangutans and their natural habitat through the nonprofit: Orangutan Foundation International.We will also be creating games in the near future after the mint! We have two already in the works: Galaxy Titans, and Wingrunners! The project is announcing their first contest with giveaways soon, so make sure you are one of the first 1,000 community members to get whitelisted. Those who perform a set of simple tasks will join our whitelist with special rewards such as free NFTs, $SOL and $COG coins. So don’t miss out and join today!

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