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FatMonks Launching on Solanium Launchpad

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

FatMonksWe found a monastery with 10,000 monks and gave them all some Solana!The FatMonks are a collection of 10. 000 FatMonk NFTs — All FatMonks have superior handmade attributes that are distinctive and unique. The FatMonks are Living on the Solana blockchain. About FatMonks:FatMonks are going to launch on Solanium, the biggest launchpad on Solana!You can win a spot on their whitelist by visiting and applying in our Discord server. The FatMonks Roadmap also features a ton of milestones you can check out, including buybacks worth a total value of $100K on the NFT Collection!Don’t miss your chance to own one of the unique FatMonks that are launching very soon. Get your Zen up!- 100K Buybacks- Launching on Solanium Launchpad!- Exclusive Memberships DCI Private GroupVisit FatMonks. io to join the community!

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