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Exzo Network NFT Launch – Whitelist Spots Open Now!

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Exzo Galaxy Club is a unique set of 5,000 Exzonauts with over 100 traits that represent the rich of the future traveling through depths of space and uncovering the mysteries of the universe, although they may be in space suits now, you never know what tech gadgets or mutation they may encounter…500 Whitelist Spots Available Now!- Follow our Twitter.- Join our discord: https://t.co/pcFul1GfQ8About Our Project:NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.Mint Price: TBAWill enable users to be the first node validators on our blockchain.Will provide access to the beta testing of our multi-chain crypto wallet & decentralized exchange that will also feature an NFT marketplace and dApp browser.Grant access to a private community for only Exzonaut holders.Collection size is 5,000.ERC-721 smart contract.We will allow the Exzonaut NFT holders to vote on different charitys that we donate to.We use a gas efficient smart contract to have lower gas fees.Whitelist spots available now.Mint a FREE Unmasked Exzonaut when you own 2 Exzonauts.

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