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ExoVerse Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The World’s First NFT Community to land on the Moon & own a piece of Outer Space. The ExoVerse will be born on the Ethereum Blockchain and will spawn the existence of the Primordial Species of ExoBeings in Q1 2022. These Primordials will originate from hand-drawn art with each Primordial being unique. The ExoVerse will be conducted by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with each Primordial having a say in the path of the ExoVerse. Roadmap Phase 110% – Welcome to the ExoVerse, spawn your Primordial, and hop into the ExoVerse. 25% – DAO Community Fund will be announced and funded with $20,000 equivalent in ETH. 50% – 88 Primordial holders will receive Physical Merch from a selection of SpaceX & ISS Flown NASA Merch, Apollo 11 Flown CM Foil, Lunar Rock Meteorite, Mars Rock Meteorite all in Display Cases with COA. 75% – The ExoVerse DAO will vote on acquiring its first asset chosen out of the following; Blue Chip NFT(s), Land in the MetaVerse (Decentraland, Sandbox, or similar), or a community submitted option. 100% – Digital Time Capsule will be compiled which will be a hard drive featuring each ExoVerse NFT to be delivered onto the Moon Via Astrobotic Lunar Payload. Upon completion of this Roadmap Phase, 1 ExoVerse will officially become the first NFT Project to land on the moon.

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