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Exclusive MetaPixels

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Welcome everyone and meet THE METAPIXELS By Young LaFlame.This is the first of two phases of a huge collectible NFTs project:Phase 1: The Exclusive MetaPixels. The launch of this collection will be on 02/28 in the OpenSea marketplace and each Exclusive MetaPixel NFT will be priced at 0.05 ETH + 0 gas. All holders of an Exclusive MetaPixel will be able to receive a free MetaPixel on the launch date. Only 50 Exclusive MetaPixels available. Phase 2: The MetaPixels. The release date of this collection is yet to be defined and the minting will be on the MetaPixels Official Site. Each NFT MetaPixel will be priced at 0.025 ETH + 0 gas. There will be a limited supply of 10,000 MetaPixels. There will be no Pre-Sale or White-List. Make sure to follow all of our social media and to be active on this Discord as this will help you to secure your spot for sale. MARKETING ISNT STARTED YET! MANY GIVEAWAYS ARE COMING. ARE YOU READY? Note: This is an ONGOING project so many features may change.

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