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Exclusible Space Revolution

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

About the dropHaute Horlogerie has always been connected to precious materials, cutting-edge technology and most importantly, a specific savoir-faire. Louis Moinet has been internationally acclaimed as the genius who changed watchmaking forever with the invention of the chronograph (certified by two Guinness World Records™), a concept that exceeded the norms of his time and pushed innovation beyond imaginable limits.Inspired by his spirit and wanting to preserve Moinets legacy, Jean-Marie Schaller continues that mission today. Technology and craftsmanship have always been deeply rooted in the maisons ideals, with Louis Moinet himself seeking to improve the way that people measured time and calculated the distance between stars. Indeed, his work resulted in unthinkable discoveries and pushed technological innovation in extraordinary ways.Quite fitting to the vision of their founder, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet innovates once again. Writing history with a limited edition collection of 1000 NFTs, in collaboration with luxury NFT marketplace Exclusible, it is bringing high-end watches to the next dimension. As timeless and coveted pieces of art, NFTs perfectly capture the original vision of Louis Moinet, while also bringing it in the new age of web 3.0. For the first time in their history, Moinet creations are breaking free of pure physicality and becoming realized in their most innovative form. Transcending the essence of a physical luxury piece into the virtual world, this NFT drop continues to use the same level of highly-regarded craftsmanship and impeccable technological advantages as any Louis Moinet creation.About the collabVery special and reserved for a select few, NFTs share many similarities with the high-end industry. Both created out of a need to preserve artistic expression, exceed old limits and explore human desires, they encapsulate beauty and innovation in its purest state. Louis Moinets affection for astronomy in the 19th century not only reflects that notion, but also aligns him with the modern values of the crypto world. In a progressively digital age of endless copies, powerful blockchain technology can verify originality and offer a new type of ownership. Smart contracts forever encrypt a buyer’s details within them, thus allowing a luxury lover to become intertwined with the piece and Louis Moinets heritage.All of the NFT timepieces in this collection maintain full working functionality in their virtual forms, allowing for an entirely new way of experiencing and using luxury watches. Their utilities invite luxury aficionados to join the prestigious Louis Moinet members club and Discord group, where they can interact with Jean Marie Schaller and other luxury enthusiasts. Exploring the notion of “phygital, one lucky NFT holder will also qualify to redeem the ultra-exclusive physical version of his virtual watch, allowing him to experience both versions at the same time. Over the course of centuries, Louis Moinet has explored astronomy in multiple ways. Today, the spacelike, extraterrestrial and exclusive nature of NFTs is set to connect the historic maison to its roots more closely than ever, while ultimately helping it to transcend into the next chapter of high-end watchmaking.Price: 0.2 ETHCurrency: ETHSupply: 1000 NFT’s

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