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Excalibur by Kaganworks

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On May 4th, Kagan Okudan aka Kaganworks is dropping his ‘Excalibur’ NFT collection on Crypto. com. Kagan is a motion designer and director based in LA. His creative path started with an exploration of photography, videography, and only after – 3D design. Kagan started studying visual communication design in Istanbul and shifted a focus more on motion design and direction as a result. Excalibur, a legendary sword of King Arthur and an epic medieval fantasy film was a huge part of Kagan’s childhood. One day Kagan saw a stylized painted version created by his friend, and then he made up his mind to recreate the scene in 3D. “This is part of a visual narrative that I have been writing for a while. Excalibur has been waiting for its owner to be pulled out of the rock and that will trigger the next episodes of the story” – says Kagan about his NFT drop. Mark your calendars for May 4th do not miss when the ‘Excalibur’ NFT Collection will go live. It’s gonna be epic!

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