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Ex Paradiso By Paradise Projects

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Ex paradiso by paradise projectsIntroductionEx paradiso is the first collection in a series of story-driven nft character collections, launching under paradise projects. All of the collections will be unique characters with different stories, but will ultimately end up intersecting in the paradise metaverse. The ultimate goal for paradise, and its correlating nft collections is to bridge the gap between web3 and fashion, film, and entertainment.Leveraging our founding team’s network, we will be establishing long term partnerships with fashion and luxury goods brands, talent agencies, and film studios. We will integrate these brands products, clients, and projects into the paradise metaverse and web3 as a whole. For each major brand, studio, and label we bring into the space, our holders will have early access to products, events, music, films, and more.The ex paradiso prologueIn a dystopian parallel universe where all forms of creative expression are outlawed, xps dare to diverge. To fight back, these counterculture revolutionaries have created a secret underground community where they can make music, create art, and dress colorfully in peace. Their individuality is opposition in itself. Welcome to their world.The collectionEx paradiso is an nft project comprised of 5,555 unique programmatically generated characters stored as erc721 tokens on the ethereum blockchain.Team and advisoryThe ex paradiso founders come from film, music, fashion, and art. They have worked on projects with vogue, nike, net-a-porter, viacom, cardi b, billie eilish, nicki minaj, pusha t, david guetta, etc. Ex paradiso is advised by randi zuckerberg and debbie soon’s hedgehug program.Official linksHttp://exparadiso.Com/Https://twitter.Com/exparadisoHttps://discord.Gg/e3crad3rds

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